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The NDP Team

The Steering Group, made up of volunteer residents who expressed an interest in being involved in The Compton Neighbourhood Development Plan, was formed at a meeting held on January 10th 2018.  The Steering Group will help lead on the day to day management of the Plan and aims to work with the community to develop the plan from start to finish through the various stages which will take approximately 18 - 30 months.

A key part of the Steering Group’s responsibility is to ensure that the greatest possible consultation takes place with the community, so that the final plan is genuinely shaped by residents and represents their views. It is doing this by arranging working parties, community events, consultations, surveys and through this website.

The Steering Group will also need to resolve any conflict between different views, and to make sure that our plan is realistic and robust.

The following members make up the steering group:

Dave Aldis (Acting Chair)

Alan Garmonsway (Vice Chair)

Debbie Smith (Secretary)    Resigned 16/08/2019

Sue Garmonsway (Secretary)

Uwe Anton        Resigned 28/11/2018

Peter Cundell    Resigned 30/01/2019

Sally Duckett

Jason Highet     Resigned 26/01/2019

Karla Jermy       Resigned 29/11/2018

Peter McGeehin

Julie Middleton-Reid  Resigned non attendance

David Norbury

Mark Pinfold      Resigned 12/12/2018

Rupert Reid

Chris Smith

Grant Tuff

George Wilkins     Resigned non attendance