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Regulation 14 Consultation Documents

After three years of extensive community engagement, co-ordinated by the NDP Steering Group, and with expert advice provided by chartered planning consultants, the pre-submission Regulation14 Draft Plan is ready for public  consultation.

This is a formal and important stage within the neighbourhood planning regulations. Everyone in the parish – residents and businesses – has the opportunity to comment on the  draft plan before it is submitted to West Berkshire Council for independent examination. Various statutory bodies will also be consulted. The NDP Steering Group is now inviting your comments on the Draft Plan.

All comments received will be reviewed, considered and the plan amended accordingly.

This public consultation period will run from
Monday, November 9 to Monday, December 21, 2020

A Consultation Statement, which will include a summary of all comments received and how these were considered, will be made available with the final 'Submission Plan' that will be submitted to West Berkshire Council for further consultation and independent examination.

To comment on the Draft Plan please complete a Comments Form and :

Or you can complete the Online Comments Form here.

All responses must be received by midnight on the 21st December 2020

As a consequence of Covid-19 pandemic requirements hard copies of the Draft Plan are not generally available. If you have problems accessing the document please email

To access the Supporting Documents for the Regulation 14 Pre-submission Draft Plan click here . You can view them or download them.

Below is a short video presentation from the Steering Group : 

  • explaining the NDP process so far;
  • updating you on the work completed by the NDP Steering Group;
  • outlining the core policies contained in the draft plan; and
  • explaining how to access the draft plan and make your comments.