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West Berkshire Council votes for the Compton NDP to proceed to referendum

By Compton NDP Secretary Compton Neighbourhood Development Plan

Wednesday, 8 December 2021


Compton Neighbourhood Development Plan Contributor


At the meeting of West Berkshire Council, held on 2nd December 2021, West Berkshire Council voted unanimously for the Compton Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to proceed to referendum and, should there be a successful ‘yes’ vote at referendum, to adopt the Compton NDP immediately after the votes have been counted so that it becomes part of the development plan for West Berkshire.

It is expected that the referendum will be held in early February, and once we have a confirmed date from West Berkshire Council, we will ensure this is advertised and will be asking for your support.

West Berkshire Councillors who spoke at the meeting were very complementary of the plan and the huge amount of work that has gone into its creation.

This will be the final step to getting the Compton NDP adopted

A copy of the Final Referendum version of the NDP can be found here.

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