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NDP Survey

Our Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey is being delivered to every household in Compton Parish with the February 2018 issue of Compilations. 

The survey can also be completed online. 

To print off additional paper copies, please click on the link below:

What to do next
Please complete the survey as fully and thoughtfully as you can and return it to us BY SUNDAY 25TH MARCH 2018 to the Wilkins Centre post box, the Village Store or The Swan. If you are unable to return it to these points, please contact us to arrange collection.

We would appreciate it if all the members of your household could complete the survey so if there are additional members who could complete the survey separately, please encourage them to do so. We would particularly encourage younger people to take part as often their views are not heard as loudly as perhaps they should be. We would very much like you to complete the whole survey. However, in the unlikely event that you do not have time to complete the whole survey, please return what you have completed.

If you have any unused surveys, please return these to us at one of the collection points.